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DNA Oestrogen

DNA Oestrogen

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Get to the core of your Oestrogen metabolism 

Our DNA Oestrogen Kit tests for gene variants that can impact how Oestrogen is metabolised. This provides insight into diet and lifestyle changes that can be made to improve Oestrogen metabolism.

Why does Oestrogen metabolism matter?

Oestrogen is a hormone that can have a significant effect on your health. Research has shown that an increased lifetime exposure to Oestrogen is a strong risk factor in the development of breast cancer. In fact, approximately 80% of breast cancer occurs in women with no family history of it. Oestrogen also plays a role in controlling body weight. Oestrogen levels that are too low or too high can result in weight gain and lead to an increased risk for obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Is this test right for me?

DNA Oestrogen is recommended for:

  • Men or women with a strong family history of breast, ovarian, colon or prostate cancer
  • Women who suffer from Oestrogen-dominant conditions such as endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome and uterine fibroid tumours
  • Women considering oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy or bio-identical hormone supplementation
  • Women who are considering in-vitro fertilization or who have been diagnosed with Oestrogen receptor-positive breast cancer

What will the results tell me?

The DNA Oestrogen Test Report provides: 

  • The identification of genetic variants
  • An explanation of how genetic variants impact your Oestrogen metabolism
  • Appropriate nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to support healthy Oestrogen metabolism

Read our sample report for more details.

We also offer consultations with our Holistic Health Coach to help you understand your test results. If you’d like to add a consultation to your test kit be sure to select it from the drop-down menu when placing your order. These consultations are generally 30 minutes per test and can be done by telephone or video, whenever your schedule allows for it.

How does it work?

As with all of our test kits, the DNA Oestrogen Kit requires just a quick cheek swab. You’ll be done in less than a minute! After that, simply package it up and mail it to our accredited laboratories in the pre-paid envelope provided. You can expect to receive your results within 2 – 3 weeks and can then schedule a consultation.

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