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Nordic Smoothie

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The nutrition behind the mission.
The Nordic breakfast smoothie is somewhat legendary within the Nordic Group. 

It started life as a simple, easy to make recipe that could be recommend to a lot of  patients in the Nordic Clinic as a daily nutritional base for a very wide range of patient needs. 

It became the everyday breakfast in the family home of Chris and Anne Catherine, the company founders, and has become well known amongst the many folk in the global functional medicine community who have benefited from their hospitality over the years. It's also become a firm favourite in Nordic offices around the globe. You could say it powers all of the efforts on a mission to help nurture and support the functional medicine community around the world. 

At Nordic Health we seek out high quality supplements which have been well researched and designed to meet the nutritional needs they are designed for. 

The breakfast smoothie contains a few supplements we think are particularly valuable for everyday nutrition and health.

1 Month Supply Contains:

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein x1 500g

Nuzest Good Green Stuff  x1 300g

Higher Nature Organic Flax Seed Oil x2

Broccolox® x1

Nucleotides x1

Bio-D-Mulsion Forte™ x1

Marine Collagen x1

ActiGreen™ Original Tea Powder x1

Ther-Biotic®  Complete Powder x1

Please add your Clean Lean Protein Flavour preference to your order in  'Shipping Comments' choose from Just Natural / Rich Chocolate / Creamy Cappuccino / Smooth Vanilla / Wild Strawberry.