DNA testing isn’t just about ancestry. It can reveal the most effective ways to manager your health and wellness so you can be the beat version of yourself. 

Discover how dnalife functional testing can allow you to tailor your healthcare to your individual needs.

WHY dnalife

For more than a decade, dnalife has been at the forefront of genetic and functional testing. This European-based testing is a proud partner of Core Health, a division of The Benefit Code. As an insurance broker we see the potential in utilizing data to maximize human health. Dnalife utilizes nutrigenetics as a powerful tool for medical practitioners to gain additional insights into their patients

“We are all unique. Our health is determined by our inherent differences combined with our lifestyles and environment. By combining and analysing information about our genome, with other clinical and diagnostic information, patterns can be identified that can help to determine our individual risk of developing disease; detect illness earlier; and, determine the most effective interventions to help improve our health, be they medicines, lifestyle choices, or even simple changes in diet.” – National Health Service (NHS) England

What is Nutrigenetics?

Nutrigenetics is a healthcare branch that investigates how DNA affects individual responsiveness to environmental exposures and requirements. It is:

  • A powerful tool to motivate behaviour change
  • A powerful tool for medical practitioners to gain additional insight into their patients
  • Most powerful when used as an adjunct to routine clinical investigations
  • A tool for revealing otherwise unknowable risk factors; with interventions available to manage those risks
  • Constantly evolving as a science as we progress our understanding of genetic variation and the environmental control of gene expression